2nd Wednesday of the month at 6 PM
Zoom or Surf City Fire Department

March 10 (Zoom)  - Crush Injuries
May 12 (Zoom) - Submersion Injuries
June 9 - Spinal Immobilization
August 11 - Burns
October 13 - Psych
December 8 - Acute MLS

New Jersey

New Jersey Department of Health & Senior Services
Office of Emergency Medical Services
PO Box 360
Trenton, New Jersey 08625-0360


New Jersey Emergency Medical Technicians Basics can now complete ALL their elective CEUs online! Current New Jersey volunteers with squads qualifying for the NJ Training Fund may obtain credits for FREE.

The following website links are approved for NJ EMT-B CEUís:

As other websites meet the requirements set forth by OEMS, they will be listed on this page as eligible sites for NJ EMT-B CEUís. Again, only the websites listed above may be utilized for NJ EMT-B CEUís. Courses that are completed on websites that are not listed on this page will not be counted towards NJ EMT-B recertification.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  Eligibility certificates must be signed by the BHFAS Captain or Training Officer prior to enrolling or attending any of the above classes.  Proof of successful completion of all CEU classes must be provided to the BHFAS Captain for up-to-date maintenance and verification of the status of all members' certifications.